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Donnerstag, Juni 16, 2005
Iraq discussion, part II
Thank you again for coming back here and going on with the discussion. Never had such a long "talk" with a soldier before.

To your points:

"I don't deny that there are obvious hidden agenda's and undeniable benefits for the US and various other "coaltion" countries to have a military presents in Iraq. And you're absolutley right in your observance of certain "developed" military bases throughout Iraq and Afghanistan."

Good to hear that from you, because the news- media nearly never talks about this issue. It seems not to be fitting into their frame.

"I'm not going to deny that colateral damage does not happen in war, unfortunately it does. Colateral damage, no matter how hard any tries, will unfortunately happen."

Yeah and this is the reason why war should be the last choice a gov makes. In my view, the Bush- gov did the opposite, starting the war while the UN WMD inspectors hadn't completed their task. If BushCo had waited, say 3 months, they would have known that there were NO usable WMDs left over in Saddams arsenal. But the point is, that they were never really interested in this so called "thread" and used it as smoke screen for their real agenda.

"I personaly have investigated one incident where an inocent Iraqi was wrongly killed, and I had to be the coordinating authority between the military and his family. That mission was one of the hardest emotionaly that I have had to endure. Being a part of something like that does make you question why you are performing a mission such as I was."

It must be a crazy and VERY bad feeling to be in such a situation... The sad fact is, that incidents like this happen every day in iraq, mostly not with ground troops involved, but though the fire from planes and helis. Whole families are killed in a second and according to Gen. Tommy Franks rules (We don`t do bodycounts) no one writes down how many innoncent civilians become victims.

"But, in the end I still honestly believe that what I am a part of is for the greater good of the entire Iraqi population. I have rebuilt countless schools for children, rebuilt a hospital, and rebuilt an entire village (about 3,000 people)."

I know that the US- forces are doing this, but in fact they destroy much more than they rebuild. And the most work is done not my military personal, but by corrupt contractors, letting the iraqi people pay the double or tripple price they should have to pay for something. I do believe that you are a person with the best intentions, but it is a little bit naive to think that the war and everything happened until now is "for the greater good" of iraqis... How many of them have died since March 20, 2003? How many were maimed? How many lost familie members? Whole cities were destroyed... The only way to transist this war into a good thing would be for the US to withdraw as soon as possible.

"I can say that you are going outside of your lane to imply that I am not a subject matter expert in the affairs that occured in my area. You have no basis for this comment other than you are "assuming" based off of your own interpretation of what you want to believe. I have infact been involved in countless political debates with not just "average" Iraqi's, but also with local government officials within the city of Baghdad. Yes, some of my interpreter's did attempt to tell me what they thought I wanted to hear and not what was actually being said. THose interpreter's were not used again. I had a select few that I would only use, one of which I am still in contact with. THese interpreter's relayed what was said, exactly. So, yes I am a "subject matter expert" in the area that I operated in and I full well now what the climate of the local populace of central Baghdad was when I was there just a few short months ago."

Was this a shiite area? Because if you were in Arimijah or western Bagdad, you would have had trouble just to talk with the people on the street... I am interested in the view of those people. What did they tell you? What was their point of view? Maybe I was a little bit over the top doubting that you are an expert for iraq, but everything I ever heard of US troops in iraq tell me that most soldiers have really no clue what is going on in the heads of iraqis. And don`t forget the propaganda they are telling you to pepp you up and to boost the moral...

"In regards to the elections, it was not the names of the people that were running for office that were with held from the populace, but that the majority of the people had never participated in an election of any type before and many of which could not read."

Sorry to correct you, but the candidates other than those on the top of the lists weren`t known until the last few days before the election. And what about central iraq? Many sunnis just copuldn`t vote because there were no polling centers. 3% of the people in Al Anbar province voted... Is this "democracy"? And again, don`t forget the role that the US is playing in iraqi politics, with the biggest embassy worldwide, the most powerfull CIA station since vietnam and all the money that the iraqis need and the US have.

"You said that the people voted the coalition out of their country. You would be wrong in that statement. THe people voted to elect a provisional government to draft a constitution. And to hold elections again in December (If I remember correctly) at the end of this year. That is exactly what the people did."

Oh, I think this is a missunderstanding from your side. I did`t want to say that the election was about US- removal. But the big iraqi parties, mostly the shiit Dawa and SCIRI, promised to push the US to withdraw. MANY iraqis came to the polls to vote for exactly this reason, just because, as I said before, nearly 70% of iraqis want the US out as soon as possible.

In behalf of the constitution and the next vote: You can bet that these two things are delayed a half year because the constitution commission started its work just a few days ago and it is impossible to form a constitution in 2 (timeline is in August)months. So the two votes will be half a year later on.

"But you need to understand that withdrawing from Iraq will take alot of time. Unfortunately we can't just pull-out over night. You can imagine what the environment could turn into if we pulle dout too quickly. I don't think that is a situation that any of us would want to have happen."

It would be possible to withdraw the troops if the US would pay troops under neutral UN command and from muslim countries (shia and sunni a like in a proportion that fits to the one in the iraqi population). Before this happens, the UN has to manage negotiations between the secular sunni insurgents and the iraqi gov and the shiit parties have to aknowledge that a fair ammount of oil money and political control is given to the sunni community. Many other steps are possible to start a new process without the smell of US- imperial dreams on them. But as long as Bush and his cronies are in power, no such thing will happen and the war will grind on.

"You spoke briefly about the Iraqi security forces treament of their detainee's. You would be correct in saying that their treatment is harsher than most. I have witnessed such abuse and have reported the incident through my chain of command. But, unfortunately due to the recent "hand-over-of-power" we were unable to intervene in a direct manner and stop the abuse from happening."

Yeah these thing are common in the new iraq, no good sign for freedom and democracy to come, huh? Thanks for the reading tip!

"I try to stay as objective as I can with my views, and I appreciate your comments. But, I am a firm believer in what I am apart of, I take the good with the bad and learn from each experiece as much as I can. The current war is definately a difficult situation, and I don't have the answers. But I can say that good things are happening there, whether we see them in the news or not. Unfortunately though, terrible things are still happening to many innocent Iraqi's."

I thank you a lot for your contribution, your thougths and your honesty. It is a good thing for me to speak with a person that has first hand experience with the war I criticize. Stay well, I hope you have not to go again to iraq!

Dienstag, Juni 14, 2005
My answer to Staff Sergeant Ellifritt
Dear Mr. Ellifritt (if this is your real name, one never knows)!

I was very delighted to see your long and in depth comment here on my page. So I decided to give you an answer that fits to your work. But don`t be missled- I use clear and harsh language, not to offend but to make my point. This is nothing personal, but a political debate. Lets roll:

“I first came across your views via a "Soldiers Blog," where you have seemed to attempt to sway some strong opinions. Most noticeably directed towards "Kevin."“

Thank you for contributing here, it is such a rare thing!

„You bring up some interesting arguments ie: CIA level of involvement, and the Allawi/CPA government contract links.“

There is so much more that makes one VERY suspecious to the US- govs declarations about freedom and democracy… Just think of all the lies that were told about „collateral damage“… I just want to mention one, the famous killing of up to 40 „insurgents“ last year near the syrian border… Mark Kimmitt and other mouthpieces declared it a „mayor hit to insurgent transport networks“… but some days later, AP came out with a video obtained from a cameraman killed in the bombing. The material showed – a wedding party! There were children and women all arround and it looked like a tribal marriage, but not like an „insurgent meeting“. The only answer Kimmit gave to the video was: „Bad people have parties too.“ What shall I think of a military and a government that acts so unbelievable cynical, that lies when ever possible? Should I really believe their speeches about „freedom“, while they sponser iraqi militias and hitman from Saddams mukhabarat, bring forward BIG contracts with an iraqi „gov“ that depends on US firepower or just hinder the iraqi forces to buy heavy equipment in larger quantities? All this hints only in one direction: The US- gov plans to stay in iraq with their military (just think of bases like camp vitory- do you want to tell me that these fortresses are NOT permanent), their intelligence services and their friends in the US business like Halliburton, Bechtel or on the side of the hired guns, Blackwater. The war you were fighting (and will possibly fight again in) is an imperial project with the intention to controll THE MAIN oil hub of the planet. Do you know that the US sucks up 25% of world oil production? Are you familar wih the concept of „oil peak“? Do you know that main powers like china and india are heavily modernizing, bringing them in dependence of middle eastern oil? THESE are the reasons for the war and you can believe me- if there would have been no resistance (or insurgency, if you want) in iraq, Rummie and his buddies would have implemented Chalabi and his „Free iraqi forces“ as the new secular rulers of iraq. This was only prohibited by the anti- US fighters and the cleverness of the shiit clerics (main person here: Ayatollah Sistani). Did you know that Paul Bremer was against „one person one vote“ elections for iraq/2004? He said it would be nearly impossible to do so and had plans to implement „councils“ that would be announced and not directly voted for…

„But as a recently returned soldier, I want you to know that you are no where near the truth in reference to the insurgency and their tactics or the involvement of Al-Jazzeera. First, the insurgency's tactics are based on blind suicidal attacks with no sort of military tactic whatesoever (for the most part ... there are the occasional vet's from Chechnyia who can actually fight).“

I guess you were missled by the same propaganda I see every day… It is a FACT that the most attacks on US- forces are NOT suicidal, but of military stile, like exploding IEDs with remote controlers, lobbing mortars and rockets, firing RPGs or small arms fire from sniper lookouts and so on. There is no need of a greater tactic if you have a group of 5 to 10 people, just lay a trap, hit and run. Thats classical guerillia warfare man. I thougth you would know that as a soldier. Just one question: If the main body of the resistance (sunni nationalists/ pan arabs, former baathists) are „suicidal“, why can they still go on fighting? I guess you overestimate the role that Al Qaida and other islamist extremists play in iraq… thats the US- gov line tho show the public that iraq is part of the war on terror, but in every expertise about the insurgency you can read that those rarely trained, martyrdom seeking al Zarkawie people are a MINORITY, maybe numbering just up to a few thousands of an insurgency that is estimated by the US- military to have a size of up to 20.000 fighters.

„I have been involved in multiple close quarter fights with the enemy. It wasn't air suppuriority, or a heavy-handed tank that won the battle, but the ability to actually hit what I was aiming at with my M-4 rifle.“

And I bet you would run into such dogfights without the knowledge that the „enemy“ (the real enemy are the US- fores in iraq, THEY are alien there) could operate in a free way because there is no air support or heavy fire support… lol It maybe true that you faught against unskilled jihadis, but these guys are not more than canon fodder in the eyes of the militarily skilled personal under the surface. These are former iraqi professional soldiers and they are the ones hitting the US hard. Or do you think a jihadi from saudi- arabia or afghanistan would know where and how to obtain all the material in need to run a working IED manufacturing side in a country that was controlled until April 2003 by a secular regime? Would they know where to place the IEDs to get maximal effect? Just compare the warfare in iraq and afghanistan and you know that the much more skilled and professional trained „insurgents“ are in iraq. Just because these are former iraqi army or rep. Guard guys.

„The majority of the enemy couldn't hit the broadside of a barn to save their lives, I know from experience as I have had numerous RPG-7 rounds fly over my head instead of impact on the intended target ... me.“

I would like to know how many times US soldiers hit nothing or the wrong target… If I conclude from the damage done to cities like Falludscha or the center of Najaf, I would asume MANY times…

„I know for fact based on inteligence from the "street," that one of the enemies tactical procedures was to wrap their RPG-7 rounds with plastic and dip it in mud, to enable the round to penetrate a HMMWV's "forcefield." Does that type of thinking sound like it would come from an intelligent group of people that are fighting for the greater good?“

It would be good if you could explain me how the use of improvised material tells you anything about the „greater good“ of any action… I suggest that you think the other way round: What does the use of cluster bombs, Napalm (no called Mark- 77), DU ammo, white phosphor or tactics like indiscrimate raids, unrightfull detention and torture tells us about the „greater good“ behind US actions in iraq?!

„Yes, we have a technical and tactical superiority over the enemy, any fighting force that wants to succeed must have those things to win. But, without inteligent and masterful soldiers to operate that equipment, perform those manuever's, or fire those weapons ... we wouldn't get very far.“

And as I see it right, you didn`t get very far… Just remember general John Sattler, claiming that the (criminal) attack against Falludscha has „broken the back of the insurgency“… That was in November 2004 and in May 2005, 80 US- soldiers were killed in iraq… The skills of many US- soldiers are perfect in one way: Provoking the iraqi population with „collateral damage“, rude behaviour and constant raids netting the wrong people up and detaining them for an unknown time.

“2nd, as far as Al-Jazeera ... I have personaly been witness to observing them waiting idly-by anxiously awaiting a coalition convoy to come rolling into an ambush. Their only objective ... to get good video footage to sell to the masses.“

I said it before in Kevins blog: Al Jazeera is BANNED from working in iraq. There are no Al Jazeera jurnos there and sure as hell they don`t travel arround in trucks marked with „Al Jazeera“… Maybe you saw that before Al Jazeera was finaly banned in August 2004?

„I have watched them video tape one of my fellow soldiers of my Infantry Battalion burn to death in a HMMWV that was disabled in an ambush. Where is their humanity?“

It is the job of a jurno to cover things man. If you can`t handle that, it`s your prob. And I am really not sure that insurgents are dull enough to tip Al Jazeera of any attacks, cause you can be sure as hell that CIA/ NSA is checking their communications all the time, at least since the war in Afghanistan. Remember: The resistance has their own cameraman, as you could check if you visit pages like and similar ones.

„3rd, the majority of the Iraqi people do have a voice. I was there for the elections, in Sadr City. I saw the looks on their faces, the smiles, the cheers, the jubilation. I had an elderly Shiite female come running out of her house with a child in her arms screaming with tears running down her face, only wanting to hug me and kiss my face. Apparently she was a little over-joyed with the reality that for the first time in her life she actually did have a voice.“

Very nice, but it would be amusing to see the reaction of this women today… They voted for an end of the occupation: NADA. They voted for an end of violence: NADA. They voted for an improvement of their life: NADA. Btw. Did this women know for what politicans she was voting? Because the names on the lists were witheld until the last minutes… And what would you think of an US- election if some group, may it be the blacks or the hispanos, was excluded to vote because the security in their communities was so BAD that it wasn`t even possible to open the poll stations? And what is the use of an „elected“ government, when it is in fact not much more than a puppet, depending on US funding, US security, US advisers, US contractors, US intelligence and US training of its troops? The Bush gov has no intention to file a withdrawing plan for iraq and just after the elections the iraqi parties demanding such a thing closed their big mouthes and bagged for a longer time frame of „Multi national forces assistance“…lol That is a „independent“ gov, legitimated by iraqis? Don`t try to fool me.

„I could write for hours about the hundreds of encounters that I had with Iraqi's, real Iraqi's ... not the biased version of what the media would have you believe; and their love for America and what it stands for.“

I guess you are the victim of self-deception … The last polls I saw showed that 70% of the iraqis wanted an end of the occupation as fast as possible. At least since Abu Ghraib, no one in iraq but your translators and quislings like those assheads from „Iraq the modell“ (I bet you think they are representative?) have any feeling like „love“ for you. More than half of the sunni population of iraq (2 million people) think that attacks against US- troops are justified. And MANY schiits think this too, thanks to the heavy handed tactics used against as Sadr.

„Most of all, their love for American soldiers who have given them something that they never had before, a chance of having a say in their own future.“

The US decided to invade without asking and now they install a „democracy“ heavily dependend on US „aid“. Don`t assume that you can trick the majority of iraqis with this talk about „having a say in their future“… Its Bush and his cronies who have the say and this will never change until they are kicked out of the country. Just remember Afghanistan… Karzai the puppet was in Washington a few days ago and he demanded more control of his gov for the movements of US- forces in the country he „governs“… Guess what Bushs answer was? Same with iraq- or was the iraqi gov asked if the US was permitted to do the last offensive against Al Qaim and other Anbar regions and villages? Man, the iraqi „gov“ would be slaugthered in 2 months if there wouldn`t be such a thing as the „green zone“ and the US- soldiers doing indirect bodyguard jobs for them.

„Not being oppressed under a tyrant who tortured and murdered whenever he or his sons wanted to, I have seen that evidence also.“

And I have seen the avidence of torture from the new „democratic“ government of iraq in the TV- show „Terrorism in the hands of justice“… Do you know that program? Ever heard of their methods? And this is what the iraqi quisling forces are doing regularly to people they detain, as HRW and other organisations stated a few months ago. Not to speak about the US arrest centers like Abu Ghraib… In the behalf of Saddam and his henchman: Yeah, he was an evil asshole. But in the last years of his reign, he was not more brutal as many other regimes arround the world about which the US is doing nothing about. It is illegal to invade a country without UNSC permission and this has good reasons. The US gov thougth they could ignore all the warnings from all over the world and now their troops are bogged in a mud that they will never come out victorious. The invasion and the war of occupation killed tens of thousands of people, a report in "The Lancet" said up to 100.000. And before you attack this study now, inform yourself about their methods- these were exactly the same as were used to extrapolate the number of victims in Kosovo and other regions. In that circumstances, no US- „patriot“ had any problems with such reports… but when you are confronted with the thousands of innoncent victims of your actions, you try to play it down or ignore it totaly. Just one question, what do you think: How many people died in vietnam while the US was fighting its „just“ war over there?

“The WMD subject was wrong, a mistake was made. We believed one thing but found out that that wasn't true.“

Yeah, killed thousands of people for a „mistake“… lol Ever heard of the Downing street memo published some weeks ago by the british Sunday Times? It was written by an expert in B.Liars gov and it proofed that „the facts were fixed arround the policy“… Could you please tell me, why the Bush admin was so eager to attack, that they couldn`t await the end results of the weapons inspectors? I tell you they KNEW that Saddam had no WMD tech that was any thread to the US or any other country. In the mentioned memo, they even say that Saddam has LESS WMD than Lybia! It was all a geostrategical action and the WMD case was, as Wolfowitz stated, the thing on that everybody could agree as reason for a war. Your president is lying in your face and you suck it all up man… He was lying about the time he decided to attack, he was lying about the reasons for the war, he was lying about the „Al Qaida“ links between Saddams regime and Osama… And today he is lying all the way though the war, telling you that an increase in insurgent attacks are a sign that they are „desparate“… Bush came to iraq and served the troops a plastic turkey, he told you „mission accomplished“ while the war was going on, he praised the corrupt criminal, former baath hitman Allawi, who is alleged by an australian jurnos story to have killed 8 prisoners by his own hands… Your president is a criminal and you should come to terms with this FACT.

„But, we have still given the people of Iraq a voice, something that they haven't had in half a century.“

A great „voice“ that transits in the form of government I described above… If you were really caring what iraqis want, you would pay them 50 billion Dollars compensation for war, say sorry, go to the UNSC to recruit muslim troops for a security detachment and leave as soon as you could. But your president and his war criminal gov. love it to spend 4 billions of tax payer dollars per month for the occupation of iraq, while 35 million people in the US life under the poverty line… Think a moment, what would be the more rational choice: To give the 300 billion dollar this war has consumed to iraqis to make them the best friends the US will ever have or to bomb their cities to rubble, kill tens of thousands of iraqs people and make them the worst enemies since Charlie? Before you come back with the evil Saddam once again- what is with the fucking president of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, who ordered a mass murder last month that killed up to 500 peacefully demonstrading civilians? All that happended, while US- troops were in that country, doing their job for the supply of Afghanistan… Yes, before you ask- the german gov has troops there too and they did`t do more than „showing their unhappyness“ with Karimovs crimes. The hypocricy of the Schroeder gov. is a punch in the belly as it is the criminal energy of the Bush- junta.

„The news does not tell the whole truth, don't be afraid to listen to a subject matter expert.“

I doubt that US- soldiers in iraq are „experts“ on the matter of what is happening there. You have rarely contact with iraqis because you don`t speak arabic and most of them don`t speak english. Maybe you trust your translators but I bet they often don`t tell you what the iraqis on the street talk about you, because that could make you VERY angry. And in fact, you are not only seperated from the iraqi population, but you are bombarded with the typical brass- propaganda to hold up the moral of the troops. Why did the military block the access to pages like from the iraqi bases internet connections? Why do you hear all the pepp- up talk like that of the earlier mentioned General about „braking the back of the insurgency“? The military is a structure full of „patriots“ who will never dispute claims by their own „commander in chief“ if it is not 100% clear that they are wrong or outright lies… And that is exactly the structure you and Kevin are in… You should read this - cbftws blog ,not the last postings, but those from 2004… This guy is a hell of a reflected soldier and he got problems with his brass for talking the truth about some operation because he was angry that the major US- networks and the military just faked and manipulated news about a heavy fight he was in. Such manipulation and psy- Ops BS is going on all the time and you are, if not part, but victim of it.

To conclude, I would recommand you to develop a more balanced view of the „operation iraqi freedom“, the interests that stand behind it, the moral issues tightly connected with the question of war of aggression, the question who you fight over there (oh, I nearly forgot- look here and you will be surprised:
Good and honest iraqis fighting US!- General) and finanly the question why you are doing this at all. Become a conscientious objector and do the right thing!

Montag, Juni 13, 2005
Just for Kevin to remember my points!
Kevin and any other american patriot is invited to give his comments here. Just to show them what freedom of speach means in a world without Faux- news, newsweek bashing and permanent Stars and stripes propaganda!

Here are my comments from Kevins blog:

Yeah Kevin, everytime a Al Jazeera news truck is arround, something bad will happen...

But- whats that... in FACT Al Jazeera was BANNED from Iraq by the iraqi "government"... how can they have trucks rolling arround when they are BANNED out of the country? lol

Another thing: If you have those IED-jammers, why do I hear constantly about US- Humvees or tanks blown up? Why were MOST of the US- soldiers killed in may victims of IED`s?

One last point: Why are you so fucking arrogant in your position to the insurgents? Try a moment to place yourself in their boots, armed with tiny infantry weapons, some rocket lunchers and stuff, fighting an army with the best and most up tp date equipment in the world... Would you do dogfights against them? Or would yoo try to sniper them from a hidden postion or blow them up with remote controlled bombs... It is a stupid thing to pretend that the enemy is chicken-hearted without considering their abilitys. You can be sure as hell: If the isurgents have had Abrams tanks, Appache attack helis, A- 10 air support, modern communication systems and style of the art weapons, you would meet them every day in the open, just because the HATE your guts and want the US- occupation out of THEIR country. I would advise you to stop sucking all the propaganda BS from your brass about the enemy and begin to think for yourself. The general rejection of war you developed because friends of you died should be transformed to a more political position. Why are you there? Where are the WMD`s? Why haven`t you seen any hints of a Saddam Al Qaida link yet? What is the real goal you are fighting for? Freedom for iraqis? Just look at "Terrorism in the hands of justice" and you`ll know from the swollen faces of the tortured so called "insurgents" what a kind of "freedom" and "democracy" you and the other troopers brougth to iraq. What about oil? What about geostratigical influence? Ever thought about THAT?

What? Allawi is history? You are telling me NEW things... lol lol

I haven`t seen any new report about the jazeera ban, but it was a permanent ban and I don?t think that the new shiit dominated "government" has any interest in a sunni- station from Kathar...

I had to stop my last posting, so I will resume it here:

The "government" is not a democratic and legitim one because the US "rules" the country, not only via the army, but also via CIA (biggest CIA station ever since vietnam) and the "new" iraqi mukhabarat that is AT THE MOMENT under US CONTROL! The iraqi "gov" complained about that, but the CIA has no intention to give the power about that agency back to iraqis. Did I mention all the US- "Counselors" all around in the "gov" of iraq? And what about the paperwork? Did you know that the CPA and the Allawi "gov" settled dozens of contracts with US- firms shortly before they had to "transist" power?

To the insurgents: Come on, don`t tell me BS like you were fronting them only with a M4... What about your Body armour? Your high tech communications? Your air support ready in 10 minutes? Your medivacs constantly waiting to copter you out? The firepower of your mounted guns on the Humvees? Little difference, huh?

Last point: Your manipulation of my first posting stinks man. Is this the "freedom of speech" you bring to iraqis? I give you the URl of my blog and the guarntee that you can post whatever you want in the comment section. THAT is freedom, not such stupid faking of postings!

Donnerstag, Januar 27, 2005
Eine etwas andere Bush- Rede
Eine sehr provokative und leider nur allzu wahre Analyse der Ergebnisse des Irak- Krieges, verpackt in eine von Prof. Juan Cole geschriebene, parodistische Bush- Rede:

Meine Mitbürger!

Ich will, dass wir gegen den Irak Krieg führen. Aber ich will, dass wir dabei unsere Augen offen haben und völlig realistisch sind.

Ein Krieg gegen den Irak wird teuer sein. Es wird sie, die Steuerzahler, innerhalb von 5 Jahren ungefähr 300 Milliarden $ kosten. Ich weiß, dass Wolfowitz Ihnen sagt, dass Iraks Öleinnahmen für all das ausreichen werden, aber das ist lächerlich. Der Irak pumpt innerhalb eines Jahres nur Öl im Wert von ungefähr 10 Milliarden $ und dieses Geld wird er allein schon brauchen, um die neue, von uns installierte Regierung zu finanzieren. Nein, wir werden dafür bezahlen müssen, wir selbst. Ich werde Sie um 25 Milliarden $, dann 80 Milliarden $, dann weitere 80 Milliarden $ bitten. Und so weiter. Ich werde Sie häufiger um Geld anpumpen als dieser arbeitslose Verwandte, den Sie nicht mögen. Die Kosten des Krieges werden mein bereits jetzt massives Haushaltsdefizit von ungefähr 370 Milliarden $ bis auf mehr als 450 Milliarden $ pro Jahr in die Höhe zu treiben. Nur damit Sie es richtig verstehen, ich werde die Steuern der Superreichen senken, während ich gleichzeitig diesen Krieg führe. Dann werde ich mir das Geld leihen, um diesen Krieg zu betreiben und für die anderen Tätigkeiten der Regierung aufzukommen. Und Sie und Ihre Kinder werden diese Schulden in den nächsten Jahrzehnten abzahlen. Während dessen wird der Dollar nicht allzu gut dastehen, wenn Sie Produkte in Übersee kaufen, weil Defizite wie die beschriebenen unsere Währung schwächen werden. (Und ich habe die Dinge so geregelt, dass die meisten Dinge, die Sie kaufen werden, aus Übersee kommen) Wir werden die Zinssätze höher behalten müssen, als sie sonst gewesen wären und die Wirtschaft muss im Zustand der Rezession bleiben, weil sonst meine Kriegsdefizite starke Inflation verursachen würden. So werde ich sie, Ihre Kinder, und Ihre Enkel in große Schwierigkeiten stürzen, um diesen Krieg zu führen. Ich werde es tun und so werden nicht viele neue Arbeitsplätze geschaffen werden, vielmehr werde ich die Situation als Entschuldigung benutzen, um Regierungsdienstleistungen zu kürzen, auf die Sie angewiesen sind. Für die Superreichen, oder wie ich sie nenne, "meine Basis", wird dieser Krieg im Irak eine echte Inspiration sein. Wir werden ihn nutzen, um das Defizit so auszubauen, dass sich die Demokraten und die mitfühlenden Republikaner im Kongress nicht trauen können, irgendwelche neuen Programme zur Förderung des Mittelstandes zu schaffen. Wir alle wissen, dass die Superreichen - ungefähr 3 Millionen Menschen in unserem Land von 295 Millionen - für jene Programme würden bezahlen müssen, da sie 45 Prozent des privaten Vermögens besitzen. Ich werde dafür sorgen, dass sie lange Zeit von solchen Unbequemlichkeiten verschont werden.

Außerdem wird dieser Krieg im Irak, von dem ich möchte, dass sie ihn als Teil des Krieges gegen den Terror autorisieren, viele amerikanische Leben kosten. Zu dem Zeitpunkt meiner zweiten Antrittsrede werden mehr als 1,300 tapfere Männer und Frauen der US- Streitkräfte infolge dieses Krieges im Irak tot sein, und 10,371 werden verwundet sein, viele von ihnen für ihr Leben gezeichnet. Amerikas Straßen und Obdachlosenasyle werden dann wahrscheinlich mit einigen dieser verwundeten Veteranen überschwemmt werden. Diese Soldaten, denen ein oder auch zwei Beine fehlen und die oft schwere psychologische Probleme haben, werden Schwierigkeiten haben, Arbeit zu finden Und sie werden sogar noch mehr Schwierigkeiten haben, die Jobs zu behalten, die sie finden. Sie werden für den Rest ihres Lebens traumatisiert sein von dem Horror, den sie im Irak sehen und manchmal auch selbst auslösen werden. Aber gut, wir haben ein Sprichwort in Texas. Ich denke, dass sie in Arkansas es auch kennen. Man kann kein Omelett machen ohne… Man muss ein paar Eier zerbrechen, um ein Frühstück zu bekommen.

Ich weiß, dass Dick Cheney und Condi Rice durchs Land gezogen sind, um ihre Kinder durch bedrohliche Reden über irakische Aromwaffen zu ängstigen. Ich muss Ihnen bekennen, dass mein CIA Direktor, George Tenet mir sagt, dass die Beweise für diese Behauptungen nicht ausreichen. Tatsächlich muss ich offenherzig sein und sagen, dass der Nachrichtendienst des Außenministeriums nicht glaubt, dass Saddam viel von seinem Programm für chemische Kampstoffe übrig behalten hat. Vielleicht zerstörte er das Zeug und will es nicht zugeben, weil er Angst hat, dass sich ohne diese Mittel die Kurden und Schiiten gegen ihn erheben. Wie auch immer, der Irak stellt keine unmittelbare Bedrohung für die Vereinigten Staaten dar und hat wahrscheinlich nichts Nützliches aus seinen Waffenprogrammen der 1980er Jahre übrig.

Hinzu kommt, dass es keine operative Verbindung zwischen einem weltlichen arabischen Nationalisten wie Saddam und den religiösen Verrückten von al-Qaida gibt. Sie haben voreinander Angst und hassen einander mehr, als sie uns hassen. Tatsächlich muss ich vollkommen ehrlich sein und zugeben, dass, wenn wir Saddams weltliche arabische nationalistische Regierung stürzen, Iraks sunnitische Araber ernüchtert und voller Verzweiflung sein werden. Sie werden sich wahrscheinlich Al Qaida als einer Alternative zuwenden. Also, Leute, was ich vorhabe, könnte 5 Millionen Iraker in die Hände von Personen spielen, die darauf bestehen, dass sie sich sofort einem neuen al-Qaida Ableger anschließen. Oder auch anderen Gruppen.

Also, warum will ich Krieg führen? Seht Leute, ich werde es ihnen nicht erzählen. Ich muss es ihnen nicht erzählen. Es gibt wenig Transparenz bei diesen Dingen innerhalb der Regierung, weil wir eine Art verstecktes Imperium aus dem Präsidialbüro heraus steuern. Nach 20 oder 30 Jahren wird es rauskommen. Bis dahin werden Sie mir einfach vertrauen müssen.

Juan Coles blog
Mittwoch, Januar 12, 2005
Amoklauf eines US- marines
Irak Veteran läuft Amok

Es war Nacht, als am Sonntag dem 9.1.2005 das Leben des 19 jährigen Irak- Veteranen Andres Raya ein ebenso tragisches wie spektakuläres Ende fand. Raya, der erst im September aus dem Irak in die USA zurückgekehrt war, lieferte sich einen heftigen Schusswechsel mit den Polizisten der Ortschaft Ceres (Nordkalifornien), wie der lokale Nachrichtensender 30abc berichtete. Während des Gefechtes tötete der aus den Reihen der Marines stammende, in Camp Pendleton stationierte Soldat den Polizei- Offizier Sergeant Howard Stevenson und verwundete einen weiteren Beamten schwer. Die Auseinandersetzung war offenbar geplant, wie der Lokalsender KXTV meldete- so soll Raya vor einem Getränkeladen einen Schuss abgegeben haben, um dann den Ladenbesitzer zu bitten, die Polizei zu rufen. In einem Überwachungsvideo sei zu sehen, wie Raya auf die Ordnungshüter wartet- nach den Aussagen von Augenzeugen soll Raya über 60 Schuss abgegeben haben, bevor er vom Tatort flüchtete.

Laut den Recherchen des Journalisten Ernesto Cienfuegos, die im unabhängigen Nachrichtendienst „La Voz de Aztlan“ erschienen, starb Raya mit mehr als 18 Kugeln im Körper, nachdem er den zusammengezogenen Kräften der Ortspolizei und der California Highway Patrol eine dreistündigen Verfolgungsjagd durch ein nahe dem Tatort gelegenes Wohnviertel geliefert hatte. Der für seine Tapferkeit im Krieg ausgezeichnete Raya benutzte für seine Tat laut „La Voz de Aztlan“ ein SKS Sturmgewehr, mit dem er sogar noch Widerstand geleistet haben soll, nachdem er schon tödlich verwundet worden war. Die Mutter des Soldaten, die aus Mexiko stammende Julia Cortez Raya, sagte Cienfugos, ihr Sohn habe am Angriff auf Falludscha teilgenommen und sei verändert zurückgekehrt. Der junge Marine soll seiner Familie und Freunden von schrecklichen Alpträumen und Schlaflosigkeit berichtet haben, angeblich äußerte er außerdem den Wunsch, nicht in den Irak zurückkehren und weiter töten zu müssen.

Auch wenn die Angaben von „La Voz de Aztlan“ wegen ihres eindeutig kriegskritischen und pro-mexikanischen Charakters mit Vorsicht betrachtet werden sollten, so lässt sich doch aus den vorhandenen Informationen das Bild eines jungen Mannes gewinnen, der erst vor zwei Jahren die Highschool abgeschlossen, aber schon die schrecklichen Grausamkeiten des Krieges gesehen hatte und daran zerbrochen war. Es ist bezeichnend, dass die sonst so an Amokläufen, Morden und anderen schrecklichen Ereignissen interessierten US- Massenmedien dem Vorfall kaum Aufmerksamkeit schenkten, passt der Tod von Raya und Stevenson doch gar nicht in das von den patriotisch gestimmten Sendern und Zeitungen gepflegte Bild der US- „Helden“, die tapfer im Irak gegen den „Terror“ kämpfen.

Bedauerlicherweise werden sich ähnliche Ereignisse in Zukunft wohl sehr viel häufiger ereignen, leiden doch laut einer US- Militärstudie bis zu 17% der aus dem Irak heimkehrenden Soldaten an posttraumatischen Belastungsstörungen, Depressionen und anderen schweren psychischen Problemen. Wie im Falle des Vietnam- Krieges steht auch heute wieder zu befürchten, dass gut im Umgang mit Waffen geschulte und ans Töten gewöhnte Veteranen durchdrehen, weil sie mit ihren Erlebnissen und Taten nicht mehr fertig werden. Ist all dies schon schrecklich genug, so wirft es erst recht ein beängstigendes Licht auf die geistige Verfassung hunderttausender Iraker, etwa der Einwohner Falludschas, die unter diesem Krieg noch sehr viel mehr leiden als die im Lande befindlichen Okkupations- Soldaten.


This is the end of the english version
Hi to all (few) readers of this blog.

I decided to change the language here to german because I have the feeling that nearly no english readers pass by. In an attempt no renew the blog, I will change to german soon.

I thank everyone who has visited this blog and I hope that the traffic will jump up as I write in my mother- language now.

Sonntag, Oktober 31, 2004
Allawi the liar
Allawi claimed today that his security forces had captured 3000 "gunmen" who were followers of former iraqi deputy president Ibrahim al Duri- here is the original AFP- bulletin: klick!

Isn`t this a big story, friends? The US- military claims that the body of the insurgency consists of 12.000 to 20.000 "hardcore militants"- if Allawis information would be correct, his security forces would have captured between 25% and 15% of the iraqi insurgency- everyone would think that the western media should give the Allawi speach a big part of their attention. But what happens? Have a look at BBC`s portrayel of the report:

He said a few cells of supporters of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's right-hand man Izzat Ibrahim had been detained in recent weeks, among them two senior aides.


Why don't they mention the number 3000? Why do they speak of "cells" when Allawi claims that his police has captured 3 BRIGADES of fighters? Is it because the journalists think that their audience shouldn`t be properly informed about the iraqi success? Or is it because they KNOW that Allawi is outright lying and don`t wont to show this to the people in the west because it could harm Allawis creditability and via that way the standing of his friends (i.e. puppet players)George and Tony?!

Donnerstag, Oktober 21, 2004
"thetruthaboutiraq" - They try to cover it up!
This text is an update for everyone who read my piece about Steven Moore and his fake- organization- if you don't know what I mean, look here


To the point: Mr. Moore must have read the article about him and "thetruthaboutiraq", maybe he followed a link I gave to the readers of his Blog in the comment section. After that, he decided probably to cover-up his tracks and so he made sure that Numbergreen, the business which provided a preview of the Gorton & Moore Int. webpage on their account, deleted it on Oct. 20. The date can be confirmed because I checked the page in the morning of that day and the Gorton/Moore page was still activated. The google cache states that "This is G o o g l e's cache of as retrieved on 20 Oct 2004 08:39:34 GMT"- to this moment, the page was enabled.

In my view, this attitude shows that Moore has something to hide- namely that he is nothing more than a PR- agent working for Gorton & Moores "campaign client" Paul Bremer.

Moore is constantly deleting all my comments in his blog, claiming that I would be a coward, who is afraid of giving his real name- it's true, I am posting under the nick "Salvador", but what has this to do with my allegation that "thetruthaboutiraq" is a fake organization? If Moores team is really "just some dedicated people who want people to feel good about bringing democracy to Iraq" (klick!), why doesn't he comment only one sentence to his contract with the Gorton/ Moore "campaign client" Paul Bremer?!

I would appreciate it if some of you could visit "thetruthaboutiraq" and comment on the blog- that would be a first step to blow this attempt to manipulate the american public.

Another comment that will be deleted by the coward Steven Moore
You are such a coward, Steve... With the deleting of the "Morton/Goore" page from the "numbergreen" account you proofed that you have something to hide- and I know what it is...:-))

For everyone who wonna check my accusations, look here:


-->this one proofs that the numbergreen page was changed yesterday, October 20.


---> And this one shows that numbergreen hosted the construct of the Gorton/Moore page. Everything about Paul Bremers ("campaign client")connection with G/M is still there. You can't delete the google- cache, Steve!

Steve, this deleting orgy will not help you, even when the cache is updated- I saved it on my hard disk. ;-)

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